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Sea Dog

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Ruth Gooley’s most recent poem to appear here was “Painting Colors” (January 2019)

Sea Dog
By Ruth Gooley

Tan as driftwood and thin,
in sequined sunglasses
and a straw hat worn askew,
bows of her bikini straps bolder
than the small patch of her top,
a young woman on the water’s edge.

In her arms, a small black dog
dropped on the sand
flows towards the surf, attacks,
retreats, wet and wounded,
winds around her leg,
looses a whine, craves a caress.

She picks him up, holds him
under her chin, sits, teases.
Blasted by sand and wind,
the puppy darts around her,
maxes out on the sun, sea, spray,
the love of his lady.

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