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Silver Moss Fingers

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New work by a vox poetica favorite, KJ Hannah Greenberg. 🙂

Silver Moss Fingers
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Silver moss fingers hang
Against banded trunks.

Also, golden thoughts of leaves,
Those sunlit yellow diamonds, sway.

Wordstar music, such as never, seeps,
Bringing angels’ tears inlaid with frost.

I was rich, too,
When I pressed against your skin.

Some ends, interwoven in space,
Glitter like worn party favors.

There’s much chew and spit in close examinations.
Cultural contracts reveal matchmaking patterns.

Akin to childbirth,
Coupling usually suffers seven places of travail.

Love is dandelion seeds, muddy frogs,
Sweet sucklings’ sleep.

Thereafter, strawberry highs, glycemic joy,
Curve to costume extra words.

Flattery possesses limited charms.
There remains no alternate to Eden.


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