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Since My Cousin’s Death

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Nicole Yurcaba’s most recent poem to appear here was “Settling Into Marriage” (September 2017)

Since My Cousin’s Death
By Nicole Yurcaba

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.—Socrates

I’ve misplaced everything:
the watch my fiancé gave me for Easter last year;
the keys to my ten-year old pick-up;
a friend’s letter, received days ago, that demands a reply.
I can’t find paperwork in my office—receipts, reimbursement
forms, quizzes needing graded, the manuscript
to a new collection that, three months ago,
I determined I’d finish.

The fiancé says not to worry.
I’ll find the watch in the oak armoire
my cousin gave me for Christmas or
in the craft supply box in my room
where I keep my painting and embroidery materials.

The friend affirms he’ll resend the letter:
“It’s no huge deal,” the friend explains, “It wasn’t
anything important anyway.”

But I need the paperwork:
the receipts and forms,
the quizzes my students want,
not because they’re concerned for their grade,
but because they’re curious about
what’s incorrect on the multiple choice section–
the one they deem most important for discussion
and review for the final.

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