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Siren Song

01.06.19 Posted in today's words by

Claire Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was “God on Prozac” (July 2018).

Siren Song
By Claire Scott

come closer 

I stride by Crown Liquor, past BevMo
without so much as a sideways glance

let me soothe you with my song 

I stop for a moment at Crogan’s
to check in with my friends

which include five shots of tequila
chased with tumblers of stout

skipping AA staggering home
a migraine of grackles in my head

two weeks sobriety undone
in under an hour

forget plastic chips
forget burnt coffee

forget ‘my name is Wes
and I am an alcoholic’ 

listen listen
to sweet sounds

lash me to the mast
wedge wax in my ears

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