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Joan L Cannon’s most recent poem to appear here was Road Kill (November 2013). Her new book of poetry, My Mind Is Made of Crumbs, is available from Anaphora Literary Press.

By Joan L Cannon

Aslant on asphalt
seeming to beg for notice
lies a grey-ribbed
reject from a crow.
I stoop to take it carefully.
Two steps more, and there
lies another, but shorter.
The pair of quills now
side by side across my palm,
when, behold, a third
in the crushed grass
beside the road.

All three I place
on the windowsill.
They hold the gloss
of anthracite–so much
blacker than the pavement
that relinquished them.

That was August;
now in January
in their small pitcher
I notice they are no longer blacker
than the tar from which I
picked them like exotic blossoms.
Not themselves alive,
they mirror now how time is wearing
their wearers as us.


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