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Statuette With A Brass Loop

12.27.16 Posted in today's words by

Felix Purat lives and writes in the Czech Republic. 

Statuette With A Brass Loop
By Felix Purat

mediaeval music plays in a greying living room
courtesy of the Canadian Brass reconnecting to pre-nationalist roots;
upon the shelf stands the wooden statuette
garbed in a teal shirt and a red baseball cap
gazing from his corner of the living room
holding onto a brass loop, tarnished
assuming it will fend the termites away,
eternally hungering progeny of Charybdis
who, once their legs had evolved,
abandoned the blackened bayou that birthed them
seeking out the wood that tasted so good
with or without the blood of Odysseus upon it.
As there are no termites in this house,
I presume that all has gone well
that the brass loop, never swinging
in the closed hand that grasps it,
succeeds through an inner power of negation
one less problem to worry about.

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