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Storm Disruption

11.02.12 Posted in announcements by

Sandy has left her mark on New Jersey, homeland of vox poetica and unbound CONTENT. With no power, intermittent connectivity, and assorted other complications, I’ve been forced to reduce operations here in Englewood. I’m told it could take 7-10 days to restore service, but I’m hoping to continue daily site updates at the very least with no additional interruptions. Be patient and keep a good thought! And send sunshine my way; typing is not easy when the temperature in the house dips into the low 50s … And please send some positive energy to my beloved torn-up state and all the people who’ve lost so much in the track of this behemoth storm. Thank you.

–Annmarie Lockhart, editor

2 Responses to “Storm Disruption”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    Annmarie,I send you and all of New Jersey my heartfelt prayers for relief, sustenance, and hope. I was born in NJ, my husband grew up there and we have relatives, friends that remain in the “
    Garden State.”
    I was so glad to hear you are safe. May the gods of electricity and mercy be with you.
    PS I find wine dilates the blood vessels and heats the fingers.

  2. Jean says:

    Oh, Annmarie. Your many friends in SE Virginia have been glued to the news, horrified with the images of New Jersy and worried sick about its impact on you and your family. Prayers and warm thoughts for you and your family, as you go through the trauma of the coming weeks and months of disruption. May the positive power of the Universe hold you in its hand.

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