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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was “Four” (August 2019)

By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Failing exculpatory rhetoric, “leaders,” anyway,
Employed many bromides to soothe crowds intent
On delivering consequences deemed “due” them.

Most days, women toughened by dint of dance fusion,
Concurrently inhabit cabriolets and station wagons,
Fashion themselves after well-placed, imperiled men.

It seems, typically, that in not valuing creative acts,
Retained splendor keeps on revealing bilobar shapes,
Plus, unintentional, albeit regular, servings of chyle.

Forever unable to scroll or to otherwise later influence,
Especially if leaders’ eisegeses recommends counter to
Civility, honesty, other “smidgeons” cull stroopwafels.

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