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Svyatorgorsk 2013

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Darryl Willis’ most recent poem to appear here was The Border Land (December 2012).

Svyatogorsk 2013
By Darryl Willis

I am all dried up and stretched out, it seems.
Lesya and Lybid have abandoned me.
No nocturnal visions or Hutzul dreams
come to haunt me in my fitful sleep.
Cossack sun caress my face; cast
some hope-shaped shade to drape over this bench
where I have perched with pen and book spread
across my lap (a poor blanket of hide
bound paper). Is there a song somewhere within,
waiting to transform my empty heart?
My Lesya’s breath is labored, cracked, and thin.
Her voice is broken, her days are cut short.
…………We scan the sky in hope a swan
…………glides by to mark creation-dawn.


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