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Taking Over Me

06.30.13 Posted in today's words by

Steven Minchin’s most recent poem to appear here was … Everything’s Going out Around Me (April 2013).

Taking Over Me
By Steven Minchin

Anonymity drove me and only me
Pushed me past sidewalk jazz
And smiling couples twirling a corner

So my name was mine and only mine
Not the block’s or an incantation
Booming down the street

Because I stopped to enjoy a scene
Bolstering moments esoteric
And only mine

My name entrancing another me
Jerked around by my own publicity
And snuffing out the warm drive of anonymity

The stuff fueled by joyous street corner scenes
Strangers grouped and dancing
That take over me

And breed a greater anonymity
So easily lost with a swift kick
The brash call of my name

A shot from a stranger who knows me
Shrinks my esoteric identity
And drives me away from me

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