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The Art of the Breakdown

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Michael Aguilar’s most recent poem to appear here was “We Come Running” (October 2018).

The Art of the Breakdown
By Michael Aguilar

I take the flames of danger
And swallow them like my pride
Because what am I fighting now?
There’s nothing to right now.
All your silent stances
And behind the scenes planning.
Tired of being paranoid,
One of my destructive habits.
All the words and the worries
That amounted to nothing.
I mean, that’s my life
Trying to turn it to something.
Puking something out,
Think what’s inside me died.
I can see you’re doing better,
Actually better without me.
I am just so useless
And you have just proved it.
Forget your sunny days
And your happiest face.
Let my blindest rage
Destroy where it emanates.
I’m only pushing you away
Because it’s my cry to be saved.
I don’t care and care way more.
Please lie to me.
Please write to me.
I have a right to my fantasy
Faced with a paralyzing reality
That doesn’t mean anything.
I know it’s smarter to be numb.
But it’s that one feeling I cling
To, the only feeling I want to succumb

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