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The Escape of the Doll

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Gianluca D’Elia has shared his poetic vision with us before (Endless River, Contributor Series 1: 9/11, New Day) and he regularly updates his blog.
An eighth-grader from New Jersey, he brings us his own voice,
image-oriented and imbued with impatient energy. This poem, an iconic
longing for escape, was inspired by a family vacation in Cape May, NJ.

The Escape of the Doll
By Gianluca D’Elia

A Victorian mansion
In a lost paradise
A city back in time
In a street
Once made of stone

She sits by the window
As time passes by
She watches the rain
The angel tears
That her guardians cry for her

She wishes to be like them
To have light, fragile wings
And soar into the sky
Never saying goodbye
To the little world she left behind

When a great fire comes
To send her back to her world for good
The flames try to drag her down
She silently shouts that her wings got burned
But she’s still stronger than the flames

She dreams by the hearth
And waits by the window
For an angel to come by
And take her away
From this cruel place

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