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The forget-me-nots

06.06.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Philibert F Kongtcheu is a poet, writer, inventor, entrepreneur fascinated by all that promises to be interesting. He is most recently the author of Yearnings for Life: A short collection of poetry in the shapes and languages that speak to me (available at Amazon), published in celebration of National Poetry Month for the Secaucus Annual Art Show in New Jersey, where he was the featured poet. Find him on Facebook.

The forget-me-nots
By Philibert F Kongtcheu

Feeling the blues,

As we listen to the Blues.
We long for the cheer of skies blue,
Seas of blue,
Flowers of blue,
We walk out dressed in light blue.

It is a sunny day
As we amble through nature’s wonders.
We stumble upon the bright yellow St John’s wort,
And the lemon yellow St Peter’s worth,
Shining through the wilderness, uplifting,
Mellowing our heart back to them that are us.

Soon we return to our basics,
To what we are, were, and will be,
The blues leading back to golden cores,
And we find, above those oblong leaves,
Blue petals surrounding golden gems,
True forget-me-nots.

Back to John’s worth and Peter’s worth,
Back to them that form our basis, instruments, contracts,
The blues of the longing for our golden sons,
Hidden in the secret garden of our hearts,
The shining suns of us, always on our mind,
They are and forever will be,
Our very true forget-me-nots.

Author’s note: This poem is dedicated to my two sons. It was written at a time of separation and longing. It captures some of those “sometimes” moments and illustrates the associations that spring from them.

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