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The Second Plea

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Laura Saint Martin is an emerging writer who is working on a mystery series set in the foothills of Southern California, featuring horses and their eccentric but brave owners. She also writes poetry about life on the autism spectrum, mental health, blue collar struggles, animals, and nature.

The Second Plea
By Laura Saint Martin

My tongue has dropped
to the tops of my feet. I have
told so many eloquent tales
of this blood, all of them
This blood:
I’m shawled in it. Who
painted me, the accidental canvas?
because I promised this blood
an untimely release, a
promise unkept. I promised
a murder, then didn’t. I don’t
really know this blood, never did, even
when it was purposed. This blood
ruined my unkempt scrubs,
the rarely blooded nurse.
How quickly the gas was lit,
like a home-rolled cigarette, loose
on looser tongues.


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