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Marc Carver is an English poet who has had close to 200 poems published around the world. He has 4 collections of poetry and has been a featured reader in America and has appeared as an international artist at a festival in India. He is on the staff of a poetry site in New York and he writes reviews for other literary texts. Please note that Marc is using the UK meaning of the word trolley; we in the US would call it a shopping cart.

By Marc Carver

I look outside the window
and see the shopping trolley
that is sat in the park.
It has been there now
for about two or three weeks
I have lost count
Of how long.

I have seen young children being pushed about in it.
But there is no one there today.
The park is empty
and so
is the trolley.

The clouds get blacker and the rain gets heavier.
A bird flies over the trolley
And out of view.

I change my view
But still
Feel the same way.

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