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Lee Woodman’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Mulch Pile Prayer” (May 2018)

By Lee Woodman
after Andy Warhol’s Mao, 1973, National Gallery (view the piece at this link).

He chooses me
Massive man, square head, solid stance

Leader, CCP
Deep purple background, violet wash

I must stop.
Glued in the gallery, I conjure His Maker,

Andy Warhol,
Because he’s there too, golden plumage

Same two tufts
Rounded Hello Kitty ears

Lurking behind,
He slips into the Chairman’s left sleeve

Bodies morph,
Merge as portrait, breathe in unison

By reflex
My hand clasps my chest, autonomic gasp

I realize
They’re wearing my blouse! Single button.

Three as one
We pledge allegiance, hands searching hearts

Their countenance
Exactly mine, staring stony, contemplating

Six eye sockets
Blend into two, our lipstick is lavender

Our chins set,
Who is who? I am Chairman Mao

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