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Wake Up

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Nels Hanson’s most recent poem to appear here was “Zealandia” (July 2018).

Wake Up
By Nels Hanson

Finally that Day of Days arrives,
fruit trees blooming out of season,
red, pink and white and the rivers
running full, sky and water perfect
mirrors. Houses glow newly painted,
rainbow’s seven colors, no need for
prism of the rain. Angry dogs grown
gentle sidle up, children play wildly
in the streets so we park our cars to
hear songs like hymns, every station
on the radio. It’s easy now, after dim
centuries drew a blank. History’s old
riddle finds its answer, as simple as
a jump-rope rhyme, close as Venus
and Mercury. The ring-necked dove,
scrub jay, hummingbird, gold finch
agree, land on our shoulders singing
all is well, each stranger no stranger,
you in disguise. Evening’s first stars
form true constellations reminding us
we’ve always been at home until hard
shake, a doctor shouting, “Wake up!
You’re laughing in your sleep again!”

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