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As We Walked Home

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Dinachi Ikenna Dike is a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and lives and writes in Lagos. 

As We Walked Home
By Dinachi Ikenna Dike

As we walked home,
I did not notice the ramshackle stores
Facing the school on Baale street
Or the people who patronized them.
If a bike man sped past, I did not know
And I did not notice who scampered or jumped
If it splashed dirty mud water
On the feet of passersby.

As we walked home,
I did not hear the fuji music blaring
From huge black speakers standing by.
No, I did not.
And I did not see the children playing on the street
Or the albino woman drawing water
From a shallow well beside.
My neighbour may have walked past
And I did not greet him.

As we walked home,
Your gentle smile was all I noticed,
Your misty eyes and
The beautiful braids of cornrows gracing your scalp
I noticed the crescenting of your lips
As you smiled
And the perfection of your voice
As we talked and laughed.

As we walked home, I noticed
That pleasant feeling of happiness within
Of being with you and you alone
Sommie, my Sommie.
And as we whispered and giggled, I noticed
That painless feeling of helplessness within
On sighting my apartment in the landscape
Knowing that soon I must turn in
And have you walk home
Alone in silence.

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