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What I Loved About This Year

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Nick Hawkins’ most recent poem to appear here was “Block (Writers)” (October 2017).

What I Loved About This Year
By Nick Hawkins

No illumination today,
gruel skies breathe dark clouds,
October rains are rinsing the vibrance from an Indian Summer passed,
soakaways brimming with consensual  influences drown favoured autumnal shades,
sodden leaves of auburn, mustard and red lips are carried along in mini squalls,
having just kissed goodbye to our scented boughs and green pastures of unforgotten pinics, rural tea gardens and candid fruit smiles,
now all buried six foot under the vacance of this Winter bound stare,
unable to grant one’s only wish to conquer old man time,
before the short darkened days of November arrive on a cold grey doorstep,
and life’s fuse blows from this last surge of what I loved about this year . . .

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