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What Is There

06.13.19 Posted in today's words by

Alita Pirkopf’s most recent poem to appear here was “I Turn to Paper” (April 2019).

What Is There
By Alita Pirkopf

Years ago, from his car seat,
my child commented on what he saw
every day; so much concrete
all the way—to school, store, play.

One evening, through a restaurant
window, I viewed straight lines,
right angles, of buildings, sidewalks,
streets. And lights—bright lights,

headlights, neon sign lights—when,
before me, Mondrian memories—
Broadway Boogie—seemed magically,
largely to cover all the city, my world—

which keeps turning, into what
I do not know. Grandchildren
return from their vacation
to the land of Lego.

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