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When I Drowned

10.17.09 Posted in today's words by

We are not all exhibitionists. Some of us are shy. Some of us arrange our
words with no thought of sharing them with the world. For those in this
camp, it is very good that there are among us those others who know
nothing from shy and will throw it all out there for the world to see.
This is how poetry is shared. We feature today a writer in the former
category. Mark Gooch, from Michigan, is a technology professional by
day and a reluctant poet by night. Alright, maybe it’s not so stark as
the day/night thing, but you get the idea. Mark was a great asset in
bringing you Kay Middleton’s Web site and her audio to these pages
yesterday. Little did he know then he would be giving us this powerful,
visceral poem today. This is a body memory, an imprint. It illuminates
the unknown and makes us wonder. Read it and wonder and encourage your
own reluctant poet to open up and share his words with the world.

When I Drowned
By Mark Gooch

Last night
I remembered
what it felt like when I drowned

I can still remember
looking up
through the water
at the sky

Trying to breathe
then peace
then darkness
so calm
so quiet


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