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With You

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Laura Zucca-Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Night is Calling” (June 2018)

With You
By Laura Zucca-Scott

Walking with you
By the Tyrrhenian Sea
The rhythm of the water
The music of your words
In perfect harmony 

You told me about my father
When he was little
And he was sneaking food
For his cat Chicco
A paw light as the first winter snow
Would peak out from under the blanket
Where a cat, a pirated-eyed dog, and a boy
Would sleep happily cuddling together
After a long day of games
It was my dad’s secret
A secret you always knew

You told me about my dad’s soccer matches
And running with him in those hot afternoons
How you longed for iced tea and your music sheets
The books you read together
And fencing with him like the Three Musketeers
You told me how dad hated the greens, but loved peas
And he still does 

Tall and blue eyed
Just a little bent by years and life
We talked about stories
Only we understood 

But you never came home from the war
Only a photo of your young son and wife
To keep you company tucked in your wallet
You left a medal too big for a child to bear
You are the grandfather
I never knew
The one my dad could not
Tell me about
Until he became old with age and sorrow

Yet, I can hear you, see you
My eyes, your eyes
The stories we share

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