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World Cup Starts

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This poem originally ran at vox in July 2010. As World Cup 2014 gets under way in Brazil, let’s read it again!
World Cup Starts
By Tapeshwar Amef
More joy, more celebrations,
The gathering, the ecstasy, the sport,
Mingle in harmony.
The air show, the stadium show
And the show on the faces of all soccer lovers.
The joyfulness on the face of Desmond Tutu,
Seen with his closed eyes and folded hands
Summarizes the essence of the Game.
There is something more to the smiles
Than the pretense of a smile.
It started with an even note, 1-1, South Africa and Mexico.
Significance starts with one and
Let singularity of one unite us all,
In all the fields, sports, politics, etc.
Abstract and nonabstract must dance in union.
Let us all make an understanding
And comprehend the truth behind football.
Let freedom shine above, like a star.
Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela
Freedom, freedom, freedom!
A cup holding the soccer ball.

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