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The Yield

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Joan Fishbein’s poem The Complexity of Technology appeared here in March 2014.

The Yield
By Joan Fishbein

she understood the shape and size of her lot
the water flow     wind pattern
when she looked out the kitchen windows
she pictured     texture     foliage     aroma
of what she wanted to smell this summer
through silvery screens

she planned to place potted zinnias
asparagus ferns sage lavender     along the low garden wall
late afternoon sun hit like a second thought
a moment before it blazed behind the tall pines
then faded and settled somewhere else

as she watched her twin boys     seven years old
bat a baseball across the still bare yard
she considered how earth gives and takes
takes and gives over and over again

if a plant won’t thrive you can turn the soil
irrigate     mulch     cut back
with children     you listen     speak to them     nourish     love
cope     focus     hope for the best


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