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I Believe

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A Soldier’s Love Letter was the most recent poem by Nate Spears to appear here. This poem is included in his first book of poetry, Inspiration 2 Smile, due for release on December 1 by unbound CONTENT. I Believe By Nate Spears I believe pressure can burst a pipe I believe that air can fly a kite […]

Out There

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Ivan Jenson’s Word for Word was published as part of Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words. Happy Thanksgiving! Out there By Ivan Jenson you can find a listening smile and a welcoming doorway leading to a living room and you can spend time with someone else’s father if need be and mothers often bake for strangers […]

Dysfunction-palooza (or Ode to Holidays Past)

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Matt D’Elia is father to two creative and talented boys in northern NJ. What holiday memories do you pass around the table with the gravy and the cranberry sauce? Dysfunction-palooza (or Ode to Holidays Past and Things My Relatives Said) By Matt D’Elia Why don’t you cut my heart out with that knife? Why don’t I stick this fork […]

Parched (an aubade)

11.25.10 Posted in words to linger on by

Shonna Gillis fights with the unknown through her smotth pen melting ink onto the page. She enjoys worshiping the sun in Dolores Park when she’s not manipulating language into complex equations of words and sentences, aimed at solving the perplexities of human existence. See more of her work at her blog. She currently lives in San […]

Intimacy VI

11.24.10 Posted in today's words by

Karen Finch’s poem Life Revealed appeared here in October. This poem makes me think intimacy might be a good topic for a contributor series …  Intimacy VI By Karen Finch the weight of your arm across my shoulder the rise and fall of your chest against my back your breath on the back of my neck morning […]

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