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The Lure

01.28.13 Posted in today's words by

Fred Chandler’s poem Demulcent appeared here in December 2012. The Lure By Fred Chandler On the wet beachin front of meA grey bird walkedon the sandLeaving its footprints behindThen the grey birdwalked into thelast remnant ofa waveThe bubbling offoamWhich covered overthe bird’s tracksThen it just flew offstaying very low tothe ocean waterWhere it woulddisappear intoa dark diaphanoushorizonThat […]


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KC Bosch’s most recent poem to appear here was Eggnog (December 2012). AMC By KC Bosch Bobby Neff was Falcon, Roger was Roger,him 66 but looking like 80,RR and Arnie, Biker Ken and I.Misfits and mechanicsworking for a dying company.Standing circled like some ancient tribe,passing a bottle of Black Velvetwithout even the pretenseof a brown paper bag.Most […]

The Case for Winter

01.26.13 Posted in today's words by

John Grey’s most recent poem to appear here was When Beached (April 2012). The Case for Winter By John Grey Life reduced toits simplicities,details unrecognizable,everything merely snow. Street packed solid.Sidewalk whitened into lawninto path into steps.Only one distance: forever. Fingers near fire,throat freed of scarf,boots shaken free,blue skin thawing. Everyone determinedto be warm enoughto live with one […]

3 Meter Yardstick

01.25.13 Posted in today's words by

Kyle Sevens’ poem So Far, So Good appeared here in December 2012. 3 Meter Yardstick By Kyle Sevens a yardstick 3 meters highback to the atari circuitboardkeeping it as cool as possiblesimple. and loud.rotary cognitive functionand raw data–it’s all in its placea place to draw a line to crosswith losses chalked up to the faceand […]

Mission Statement

01.24.13 Posted in today's words by

Richard Schnap’s poem Souvenirs appeared here in September 2013. Mission Statement By Richard Schnap If you judge yourself by the verdicts of the worldYou will always fall victim to its cold perversionsFunhouse mirrors that distract your faceAnd warped recordings that garble your voice But you are a child who is born with the chanceTo discover new paths […]

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