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Frieda Landau’s most recent poem to appear here was Small Talk (January 2013). Entropy By Frieda Landau We start to die the moment we are bornThrust from the velvet darkness of the wombThat first breath leads inexorably to the lastThe grubby child happily diggingIn the dirt is digging his own grave

Contracting Eden

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Erik Wirkkala is an untrained writer who has felt compelled to write his whole life. Until recently he shared his poetry with very few people. He’s ready to open his work up to other eyes and to get feedback so he can become a better and more confident writer. His third grade teacher once told […]

None of Us Are Natives

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Daniel Dowe’s most recent poem to appear here was The Windy Artist (December 2012). None of Us Are Natives By Daniel Dowe None of us are natives,No matter where we live,Or get ourselves born.We’re all visitors,Day tourists off the cruise ship,School kids on a field trip,Seniors from the coach tour. I may profess to some special status,Since […]

Discovery in Two Takes

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This is the first in a series of poems that grew out of poetry workshops at an innovative program focused on improving quality of life for women living with cancer. The poems posting here were written collaboratively at different venues by different groups of participants. Discovery in Two Takes By The Women Who Know The […]

Early Snow

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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was The End Is Not Near(April 2012).Early SnowBy Molly FrederickThe snow has come too soon.Every blade of living grass wearsa woven white sleevewhile more snow lies atop fallenand un-fallen leaves.The sequence is out of order–odd.Yet beautiful.Over this strange inversion ofprocess, lamplightand porch lightpour shades of goldonto everythingwithin reach.Even […]

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