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Frieda Landau’s most recent poem to appear here was Small Talk (January 2013).


By Frieda Landau

We start to die the moment we are born
Thrust from the velvet darkness of the womb
That first breath leads inexorably to the last
The grubby child happily digging
In the dirt is digging his own grave

5 Responses to “Entropy”

  1. bobbietroy says:

    How true and powerful. I love the short poems with impact.Good job.

  2. Lori says:

    Powerful indeed…sweet and dark at the same time. Like dark chocolate…hmmm, I feel a poem coming on. :)

  3. KC Bosch says:

    I like the happily digging part. We are all heading there, may as well be happy.

  4. This one called me back to reread it again and again.