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Early Snow

01.28.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was The End Is Not Near(April 2012).

Early Snow
By Molly Frederick

The snow has come too soon.

Every blade of living grass wears
a woven white sleeve
while more snow lies atop fallen
and un-fallen leaves.

The sequence is out of order–
Yet beautiful.

Over this strange inversion of
process, lamplight
and porch light
pour shades of gold
onto everything
within reach.

Even the small red-leafed maples
emit a white-gold light,
each tiny crinkled hand
cups a feathery white surprise.

On all sides, every tree stands
holding silent,
accruing evidence
of an uncommon event.

Early or late–grace is with us.

Falling, drifting, ever so random

ever so gently, ever
so whitely

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