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Elizabeth Dublin’s most recent poem to appear here was Reminder (March 2013). GoneBy Elizabeth Dublin Out of the blue, aburst of bad news, like a dogbite on a green day.


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Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was Mission Statement (January 2013). AntidoteBy Richard Schnap It was a cold, grey, and sunless SaturdayThe blue sky hidden behind darkened cloudsAs I watched the news from near and farA litany of deaths, disasters, and despairI scanned my email for encouraging signsA letter from a friend who I thought […]


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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was Morning Passage (April 2013). InsomniaBy Molly Frederick I awoke at [4:30] this morning, filled    with my life.How could I sleep when light   was seeping under my eyelids,opening new glass doors to me? Calling out in graceful gestures,   pulling me up and awayto the things I have to do, […]


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Bill Webb’s poem Tabby appeared here in April 2013. untitledBy Bill Webb I day-dreamt todaydesk to elbow-supported palmcradling bearded chinmiles away, envisioning just you.Perhaps I imagined a wisp of your scentor closed my eyes to your murmuring lipsthen startled to reality–smiling.I didn’t mention it however,because in lovehe who cares most loses.

The Physical that Was You

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was A Flash Mob for Holiday Shoppers (December 2012). Her collection, A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck With His Ex-Girlfriend (unbound CONTENT), is available here. The Physical that Was YouBy KJ Hannah Greenberg Red and gold flags, the physical that was you.Not day lilies, purple pansies, sunup bird call.Rather, softly slapped bareback […]

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