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The Flower Lady

06.26.13 Posted in today's words by

James McGurk’s most recent poem to appear here was Just for a day (May 2013). The Flower LadyBy James McGurk The flower girls in Parisare so chicwith their Eiffel Towerin the background.And in San Franciscoit’s a mustto wear them in your hairon the trolleywhile in Coconut Groveglass sidewalk tablesand cafe con lecheaccompany tiny vases.And in Larimer SquareDowntown […]

Part Article

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Bruce McRae’s poem In the Arboretum appeared here in March 2013. Part ArticleBy Bruce McRae The, said the wind,the, the, the, … touching at braille,feeling a hand,thumbing an index,reaching into the pocketof my mouth. “You’re a one,”they say up north,the wind therein two minds, the wind therewith half a mindto let you have it,convertingmetres to miles,reiteratingyour article’sindefinite,man being the […]

Whimsical Algebra

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ndergraduate degree in English and postgraduate degrees in English and sociology. Adreyo’s work has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya. Whimsical AlgebraBy Adreyo Sen Love is the only formof algebrathat is kindto variables,while showing a calculatedindifferenceto the constants.

Infatuation, More Honestly

06.24.13 Posted in words to linger on by

KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was The Physical That Was You (May 2013). Infatuation, More HonestlyBy KJ Hannah Greenberg Infatuation, more honestly, could stuff trombones,Disassemble verbal hyjinks, the likes of which mightReadily make my mind teeter yes to no, right to wrong,Good to bad, stay to leave, pro to con, slip a little. […]


06.23.13 Posted in today's words by

Anthony Ward’s most recent poem to appear here was Doubt (May 2013). GuardianBy Anthony Ward I know you’re there.I can sense your presence.Or is it my imagination– An echo of a memoryNot quite manifestedObscured by my reasoning your existence? Have I invoked you in some way in thinking of you?Are these thoughts my own?Have you […]

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