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A Tip for Working With Bees

08.20.13 Posted in today's words by

Lynn Ciesielski’s most recent poem to appear here was Sunday Ride at Dusk (July 2013).A Tip for Working With BeesBy Lynn Ciesielski On his acreage, Dan built hivesusing plans from a kit and tendsbees to share honey with neighbors. I take up an invitation to watch,climb into a poly-cotton jumpsuit,don helmet and metal mask.Still, I shrink to […]

Woman in a Wheel Chair

08.17.13 Posted in today's words by

Jean McLeod’s most recent poem to appear here was Reformation (July 2013). Woman in a Wheel Chair By Jean McLeod Her winter skin incandescent in firefly light holds beauty unto even this age silvery hair glints like mica curiosity creased velvet skin and laugh lines illumine past struggle and joy. Her stillness belies lively life behind her […]

Creative Writing Class

08.16.13 Posted in today's words by

Louis Gallo’s most recent poem to appear here was Bad News (June 2013).Creative Writing ClassBy Louis Gallo Today we did Kentucky style fried poetryAnd picked it clean–wings, feet, eyeballs,The entire bird.But who went homeWith the wishbone?

Thoughts While Driving

08.15.13 Posted in today's words by

Julia Klatt Singer’s poem In the Fields appeared here in July 2013.Thoughts While DrivingBy Julia Klatt Singer That roads look better at night, black ribbons, unfurlingand songs are good companions, they always treat you rightand the moon so sweet, like a wedge of an orange,is just waiting for you to see it toowhile the hours slumber and […]

Various Words

08.14.13 Posted in today's words by

John Kaniecki’s poem Lawyers appeared here in July 2013.Various WordsBy John Kaniecki WordsBurdensome, noisy, complicatedScriptures studiedPoliticians debatedArticulated, pronounced, glorifiedBehind phrases scoundrels hidBut between you and IThe worst wordsAre those that lie

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