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Kate Hammerich’s most recent poem to appear here was Robin (July 2013).untitledBy Kate Hammerich To my father and my brother: I hate you for not losing what I will loseI hate you for not being capable of such loss.. And for not allowing me to speak of such, for stumbling to the end of sorrow alone, unspoken, […]

When You Ride With Me

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Frank Cavano’s most recent poem to appear here was Today Is a Good Day (July 2013).When You Ride With MeBy Frank Cavano When you ride with me I do not see the wood stork nearby standing.If the mockingbird has spoken, itis only to himself in whispers.Nor do I hear the sound of tireswaxing pavement or feel thevertigo of […]

Dumbfounded Notes

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Sy Roth’s most recent poem to appear here was Even the Dark Night Sings the Shiva Song (July 2013).Dumbfounded NotesBy Sy Roth Never could figure out a B flat from a C sharp,Ear lunker that I am.Strings to be played ape Tarzan’s yodeling cryAs he swings from branch to branch pounding his chest. Musicality raises a bedeviling […]


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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was Last poem of the year (July 2013).EpiphanyBy Christopher Roe Beneath the weight of sadness bentthe silver coins of treason spentI heard a bird sing in a treeand whales were singing far at seaand crickets they were singing tooas morning caused the dove to coooutside my window […]

Beauty Lost

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Keith D’Sa’s poem untitled appeared here in May 2013.Beauty LostBy Keith D’Sa In a mazeof the now and the absurdgrows a single flower, Much like a tumorupon an unsuspecting organ.Chariot wheels and cartwheels All trample this being;weeds are treated better.In this maze of reality and  The surreal, a wandering soulstands long enough to stareas the world’s beauty […]

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