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Clinton Inman’s most recent poem to appear here was The Greatest Hit (July 2013). Hank By Clinton Van Inman I wished I had never met you, Hank. I wished I had never married you. I wished to God you had never drank. I wished our daughter had never come. I wished you never bruised and […]

Desperate for a Bit

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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was Mike (May 2013). Desperate for a Bit By Marc Carver I saw a pigeon fly from the tree to the lamppost then the other pigeon came after her for about ten minutes he chased her back and forth she flew off again and he stood there […]

Forty-Year Friends

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Wendy Freborg’s poem Downsizing appeared here in May 2013. Forty-Year Friends By Wendy Freborg Then, we talked away the night. At four we went outside. The Danish sun had risen. Everything was fresh. Now, we pack it in by twelve. I get up at four to pee. Odin gave an eye for wisdom, We gave […]

Death and Everything

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Anton Frost’s work has appeared in Verdad, Parcel, ditch, and elsewhere. He lives in Michigan. Death and Everything By Anton Frost Death is when everything lies behind you. If you feel you have arrived at it prematurely, you need only turn around.  

The Power of We

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Jeanette Gallagher opens our eyes to the power of language. The Power of We By Jeanette Gallagher When I lose my husband I lose what was we; That changes to I. Other couples continue the use Of we without awareness Of how the contrast cuts. When friends invite me To join them for a movie […]

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