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But When the Breeze, However

10.25.13 Posted in today's words by

Helen Losse has a new book of poetry due to release in 2014 by Main Street Rag. But When the Breeze, However By Helen Losse The lonely wooden swing, hung from a tree branch, is thinking of children. Come children, play in the fall, in the fallen leaves. Do not desert me. The tree is […]


10.24.13 Posted in today's words by

Scott Owens has a way of putting words to a life. Ineffable By Scott Owens Though all he has are words, he keeps trying to wrap his mind around the things he sees, hawk’s hover, sunrise, stars appearing one by one, crocuses in snow, cherry trees popping open on a single day, mesmerizing dance of […]


10.23.13 Posted in today's words by

Christopher Roe shares something new. Sylvia By Christopher Roe I don’t use the oven much because every time I open it and the light goes on I think of Sylvia Plath and whatever I make comes out sad.  

A Lost Summer

10.22.13 Posted in today's words by

Don’t they all end up that way, Nancy May? A Lost Summer By Nancy May in the breeze my dream goes to visit a bumblebee nectar collecting for the future a lonely blackbird worm hunting in the garden a frog ripple watching over the pond  


10.21.13 Posted in today's words by

Richard Schnap looks back. Bereft By Richard Schnap I remember she used to send Presents every Christmas Tins of gourmet popcorn Baskets of chocolate cookies Almost as if I was one Of the children that she lost Their bright, familiar voices Still echoing in her heart And she always said to come Visit her down […]

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