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Math and poetry and imagery from Christopher Roe. Parabola By Christopher Roe In the final days of my seventieth year the full moon tugs the water in my brain and I think of the arc of my life descending like a rainbow into the sea parabolically.    

Unbound Content’s 2013 Pushcart Nominees

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Please join me in congratulating Unbound Content’s 2013 Pushcart Prize nominations, listed here with the nominated poems in their entirety: Remembering Waikiki By Stan Galloway Unnumbered days have passed since we looked out on Waikiki, but I remember still the ocean, vast as love itself. The first night’s moon slow-burned, by raw decree, in salty […]

Pushcart Prize nominations!

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Join me in congratulating vox poetica’s 2013 Pushcart Prize nominees: Sarah Endo, “this” Sharon Poch, “Dark Ages” Erren Geraud Kelly, “The Librarian” KJ Hannah Greenberg, “Silver Moss Fingers” Julia Klatt Singer, “After all these years, Dorothy still thinks about the Tin Man” Julie Ellinger Hunt “The Dawn” My wonderful writers make this a brutal decision […]

Future Flight

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Craig Kurtz is an autistic 54-year-old living at Twin Oaks Intentional Community, where he writes poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work appears in Bad Robot, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Hyperlexia Journal, Inclement, Otoliths, Out of Our, Penny Ante Feud, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Red Fez, Samzidat Literary Journal, and other fine journals. Future Flight By Craig […]

Svyatorgorsk 2013

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Darryl Willis’ most recent poem to appear here was The Border Land (December 2012). Svyatogorsk 2013 By Darryl Willis I am all dried up and stretched out, it seems. Lesya and Lybid have abandoned me. No nocturnal visions or Hutzul dreams come to haunt me in my fitful sleep. Cossack sun caress my face; cast […]

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