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Jeff Burt’s most recent poem to appear here was Socks (November 2013). Pressing By Jeff Burt In the library of leaves withered and compiled by wind and rake these short biographies of tree-limned lives give color as much as photosynthesis. In the red-bound cellulose I hear the dramatic operas of blue jays, those berating thugs […]

Brittany Wilis and Tynan on 28 to Create

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Listen to Brittany Wilis and Tynan talk about 28 to Create, a daily prompt-based challenge that takes place for the month of February. Its purpose is to enliven artists who might need an extra creative push or who just want to have fun, and it culminates in a community of people sharing their work. Check […]

Beautiful strangers

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Dawnell Harrison’s most recent poem to appear here was Indigo blue night (September 2013). Beautiful strangers By Dawnell Harrison The beautiful strangers come and go whispering into the blackness of the wintry night as they try to fill up the emptiness that drifts along the faint light of your soul.

Dressed to Kill

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Jeanette Cheezum’s most recent poem to appear here was Unhappy (June 2013). Dressed to Kill By Jeanette Cheezum Her sashay excited the room. No man unable to gawk. She slid out a cigarette. Watched them scamper to ignite. She’d just play it cool. Keep as many of them in the room before she escaped to […]

Dive With the Living Things

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Jennifer Greenholt’s poem Frozen appeared here in April 2013. Dive With the Living Things By Jennifer Greenholt One tire sinks in a pothole on the shell-graveled, rain-riddled road in the early hours (by vacation time). Ahead, an old man furls his flag against the threat of a storm. He lifts his hand in a courtesy […]

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