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Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

06.25.14 Posted in today's words by

Sarita Joy Jordan is a two-time breast cancer survivor living with stage IV disease, surviving and thriving. Self-Fulfilling Prophesy By Sarita Joy Jordan First college graduate in my family. Not good enough. Single mother to four children, two boys, two girls. But you’re not married. Purchased my own home. How did you do that? Bought a […]


06.24.14 Posted in today's words by

Andrew Badger’s most recent poem to appear here was My Days (May 2014). Creation By Andrew Badger Slow motion memories captured in time-lapse cinema twirl like misplaced dervishes in steamy dreams by morning every sensual detail forgotten lost in twisted knotted malodorous sheets. Even daytime reveries host spinning prayer-wheel flashes of vague scenes strobing distorted […]


06.22.14 Posted in today's words by

Rafael Ayala Páez’ most recent poem to appear here was They do not burn (May 2014).  Images* By Rafael Ayala Páez If you saw what solitude ………………….represents earth without wind Your face was moon ………………….over a sea a plain a dawn Wait wait Time was a fabric ………………….The tic-tac of a frozen tide Your face […]

Do Not George Gently

06.21.14 Posted in today's words, Uncategorized by

Paul Strohm’s most recent poem to appear here was I Remember It Well. Sort of (May 2014). Do Not George Gently By Paul Strohm Do not George Gently into that good night, Miss Marple should burn and rave at close of day; Poirot, Poirot against the dying of the light. Though Sherlock Holmes at his […]

No Guns on Streets, Part I

06.19.14 Posted in today's words by

Katya Bitar wrote this poem. No Guns on Streets, Part I By Katya Bitar My mother will argue with you if you tell her the United States of America is not the best place to live, she came from a dirt floor, angry nuns, the government’s guns on every corner, Guatemala, she will tell you […]

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