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Curtsey to a king

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Clarissa McFairy’s poem, La Mia Musa, was a vox poetica Best of the Net nominee in 2012. Curtsey to a king By Clarissa McFairy I’ve seen so many paintings of you and once in the zoo, Max peered into your eyes, mesmerized You stepped toward the moat dividing us and pawed at the water, holding his gaze […]

Beyond Tomorrow

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Bobbie Troy’s most recent poem to appear here was Anger (April 2014). Beyond Tomorrow By Bobbie Troy if I could see beyond tomorrow I would collect my laughter in a jar and save it for those dark days (you know the ones)  

Crass Simulation

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George K Karos was raised in Martinsburg WV, graduated from Saint James School in Maryland, received his BA from West Virginia University and his MA from American University. For more than 20 years he has worked as an artist, magazine columnist, poetry editor, singer, and performance artist. He has performed in musical venues all over […]

Do Not George Gently

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Paul Strohm’s most recent poem to appear here was I Remember It Well. Sort of (May 2014). Do Not George Gently By Paul Strohm Do not George Gently into that good night, Miss Marple should burn and rave at close of day; Poirot, Poirot against the dying of the light. Though Sherlock Holmes at his […]

When Masai Raise Spearheads

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Charles Bane, Jr’s poem For Jane Kenyon appeared here in April 2012. When Masai Raise Spearheads By Charles Bane Jr When Masai raise spearheads to Ngai at his falling wordless leave, they mirror unsheathed swords of city heights, wavering in the breath of the unseen. All mystery is powerless before the respiratory fate of light […]

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