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Crass Simulation

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George K Karos was raised in Martinsburg WV, graduated from Saint James School in Maryland, received his BA from West Virginia University and his MA from American University. For more than 20 years he has worked as an artist, magazine columnist, poetry editor, singer, and performance artist. He has performed in musical venues all over the United States and brought his performance art to regional art spaces. George has had 3 books of poetry published by Red Dragon Press. He currently lives in Central Florida and works as a communications director at an international boarding school. 

Crass Simulation
By George K Karos

Focus off me (why am I writing) (who is I?)
and floodgates have opened or closed
turning me into either wolf or pelican
rising against crass superficiality–
lying low in pompous routines
initiated by spells
or absorbed by lurking momentum
dismantling my memory
refined by distant observances
and flower arrangements now dried
by the cruel fate of older paths
leading to newer tombstones,
the naiveté of adults,
or the efforts of everything elderly.


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