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Birth Day

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Juliana Norwood’s most recent poem to appear here was Child Thought (May 2014).

Birth Day
By Juliana Norwood

After the cake smeared in faces
are cleaned

the torn paper gathered
and discarded

the chocolate-fingerprinted dress
put in the wash

the list for thank-yous

the shell-shocked dog coaxed from
under the bed

and the birthday girl put to bed
in sugared heap

I remember the way the first minutes
compressed and stretched

into a knot of time, a blurred white
downhill snowball

of ice, sun, pollen, and light
flying blindly by.


One Response to “Birth Day”

  1. Trish Saunders says:

    I am loving this. And not just because my birthday is in two days. (Who’s going to buy me a margarita/)
    The last three stanzas especially moved me.
    Well done.

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