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Bill Webb’s most recent poem to appear here was Shards (January 2014). Clarity By Bill Webb when autumn no longer lingers pushed away by cold northern winds and leaves resignedly brown forsaking autumnal glory–rest it reminds me of turnpike miles and windowed secrets cloaked once in green hopes and dreams carelessly revealed as the miles […]


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A new poem by Clinton Van Inman Daisies By Clinton Van Inman Too real to touch Those blue roses That lie across The divided line Too perfect and Always out of reach For dirty hands So I picked you A bunch of wild Daisies instead.  


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Colin W Campbell escaped from the day job in Scotland and now writes very short fiction and poetry in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China. About 70 of his poems and 50 of his stories have been published and he keeps writing. Visit his website. Butterfly […]


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John Pursch’s most recent poem to appear here was Together (September 2012). Awash By John Pursch Derring-do, stamen drew, duly sunken haunted hand, when dingy purple cuticles shun forcing algae’s rhythmic sand beneath a haughty sailor frozen height becomes. Yet, far above his chronic pallor suds of sodden sturgeon hover high in calm aridity, polished […]


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Cheryl A Van Beek’s poem Nests and Shells appeared here in September 2013. Void By Cheryl A Van Beek Far above my laptop hawks glide tilting in circular slow motion painting rims of cloud cluster following some primal notion. Like earthworms in a garden, we surface through layers of history then forget to return to […]

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