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Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was Bereft (October 2013). Heiress By Richard Schnap She was a lone rose Stranded in the wasteland Of a field of weeds Her bright red petals Open to the sun As she swayed in the wind But she still had thorns For those who would dare To […]

Like I Used to Be

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Philibert F Kongtcheu, a paralytic polio and post-polio syndrome survivor is the author most recently of Yearnings for Life: A Short Collection of Poetry in the Shapes and Languages That Speak to Me (available at Amazon). Like I Used to Be By Philibert F Kongtcheu I want to be handsome, Like I used to be […]

The Wooden Man

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Holly Day’s most recent poem to appear here was Where It Comes From (March 2013). The Wooden ManBy Holly Day a man made of wood would be a much more practical beingthan a man made of flesh, a man with knotted armscoarse flesh, rough bark, rooted to the groundunable to leave. I imagine the womenof those long […]

Celebration for Baby Craig

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Jeanette Gallagher’s poem Mother’s Pastry ran as part of Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine in April. Last May Jeanette’s poem Seasons of a Mother’s Hands, dedicated to her daughter-in-law Jean was published here. This year Jeanette dedicates a poem to her other daughter-in-law, who was born on a Mother’s Day.  Celebration for Baby Craig (for Pamela) By […]

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