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Celebration for Baby Craig

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Jeanette Gallagher’s poem Mother’s Pastry ran as part of Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine in April. Last May Jeanette’s poem Seasons of a Mother’s Hands, dedicated to her daughter-in-law Jean was published here. This year Jeanette dedicates a poem to her other daughter-in-law, who was born on a Mother’s Day. 

Celebration for Baby Craig
(for Pamela)
By Jeanette Gallagher

After praying, waiting,
Then finally surrendering
To the wisdom of the universe,
Making a tentative truce
With barrenness,
I share the sorrow and grief
Of my son and his wife.

The mystery of God’s timing
Matching soul to soul,
In union with hearts wishing,
Life fills a mother’s womb,
And on a sunny March morning
Son of my son is born.

Grateful for this sacred gift
Held closely to my heart,
In the milky sweetness of his breath,
I inhale God’s love. And knowing
Passion in its fullness,
I celebrate this precious life
With my son and his wife.

5 Responses to “Celebration for Baby Craig”

  1. Jean says:

    A beautiful, soulfully written tribute, Jeanette. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

  2. Jeanette, this is a nice tribute to Pamela and your son. I know your family will treasure that wonderful gift.

  3. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    Thank you, Jean, for such a great compliment. I truly appreciate your kind comment.

  4. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind words. What a nice compliment! Thanks for taking time to comment, Jeanette.

  5. Gracie says:

    I love this wonderful poem.

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