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What We Are

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Bobbie Troy’s most recent poem to appear here was She: In Black (November 2014). What We Are By Bobbie Troy we are less than a breath in the universe but all breaths minuscule but mighty powerless but powerful nothing but all an everlasting conundrum passed down through the centuries yet still unsolved  

Fulcrum found

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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was Living the artist’s life (November 2014). Fulcrum found By Christopher Roe The tipping point Of Archimedes’ dream; A lever long enough And a place to stand. Recognize the moment As it happens Find its fulcrum And use your lever To move the earth With the weight […]


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John Pursch’s most recent poem to appear here was Once More (November 2014). Petrichor By John Pursch I love the smell of desert rain the softly stepping cats the wild mesquite in swirling gusts and distant thunder flash. Flurried wings to waiting brush tapping water shining tile cooing doves in shade of silent alabaster cumuli. […]

Benjamin’s Sack

12.20.14 Posted in today's words by

Stan Galloway’s most recent poem to appear here was Deciduous (November 2014). Benjamin’s Sack By Stan Galloway A hundred pounds or more, stuffed plump with grain almost to the bursting, each bag, assigned to one of many brothers in the Hebrew caravan set out for home, becomes the suspect in the search by panting men […]

Robin’s Egg Blue

12.19.14 Posted in Contributor Series 6, today's words by

John Kaniecki’s most recent poem to appear here was Bicycles and a Dog Park (November 2104). Robin’s Egg Blue By John Kaniecki Tense moments in the paint store Standoff Scrutinizing cards Of near identical colors Forty shades of blue and more Pick a perfect selection of creation Robin Red Breast singing Joyful harbinger of dawn […]

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