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Benjamin’s Sack

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Stan Galloway’s most recent poem to appear here was Deciduous (November 2014).

Benjamin’s Sack
By Stan Galloway

A hundred pounds or more,
stuffed plump with grain
almost to the bursting,
each bag, assigned to
one of many brothers
in the Hebrew caravan
set out for home, becomes
the suspect in the search
by panting men of Egypt
newly come to find
the false betrayer of the cup
that lately stood at
Joseph’s table. Each
bag is opened from the oldest
to the last, where treachery
is pulled like a child
from the Nile, and the
brothers turn as one,
unwilling that a second
younger brother should be lost
to Egypt’s dust, ignorant
the sack had been transformed
into an instrument of grace.


2 Responses to “Benjamin’s Sack”

  1. I especially loved the last paragraph.

  2. Michael D Brown says:

    Excellent! all praise to the living God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

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