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Still Burning

03.25.15 Posted in today's words by

Laura Zucca-Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was In Your Eyes (February 2015). Still Burning By Laura Zucca-Scott At war Broken Fires still burning Huddling They seek Survival In a day, A moment Of ordinary life  

A Rappahannock Romance

03.24.15 Posted in today's words by

Charlene James-Duguid’s most recent poem to appear here was Celebration (April 2012). A Rappahannock Romance By Charlene James-Duguid There was a sprinkle and a twinkle to their love. Like a cookie, prized by children, Given only when they were especially good. The “A” and “J” carved in the tree atop Fielding Mountain, their favorite climb, […]

The Arts

03.23.15 Posted in today's words by

William C Ross’ most recent poem to appear here was Dinner for One (September 2014). The Arts By William C Ross Voice of the singer. Feet of the dancer. Rhymes of the poet Ask and answer. Eye of the painter. The actor’s part. Art is in all, And all are in art. Now the song […]

What Is a Man?

03.22.15 Posted in today's words by

This poem was written by Cybeast. What Is a Man? By Cybeast A man is not a set of organs Heart, lungs, bones, muscles Nor is he, despite Drac’s moanings, A miserable pile of secrets. He is but a fleeting fancy On a universe larger Than any one member Can truly perceive A fancy with […]

Sidewalk Story

03.21.15 Posted in today's words by

Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was Bell Dust (February 2015). Sidewalk Story By Christopher Roe He looked down at the worn green patinated bronze plaque embedded in the concrete that proudly proclaimed, “Built by Work Projects Administration RI 1940.” The sidewalk was seventy-four years old. That was two years older than him. […]

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