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A Few Hermit Clouds

03.25.20 Posted in today's words by

Jeremy Szuder lives and writes in Glendale, California.

A Few Hermit Clouds
By Jeremy Szuder

It was a full 8 hours
of breathing in and out
and the universe expanded,
although only mere millimeters,
but it still had proof to show;

the taciturn rolling rib cage
that invisibly wrapped itself around
my peripheral like the tentacles
of a sea jelly left floating in leagues,

not yet pressure sensitive enough
to crush this accident prone
human make-up I’ve adopted
in this one of many lifetimes

The few lonely hermit clouds shuffle
above our clueless heads
as we shift our fingers
in and out of corpse-riddled wallets
and search for the river of likes
and upward turned digital thumbs.

I’m adamant to admit,
that sometimes I too sign myself up
for that pathetic dance of ingestion
and other times,
I put it completely out of mind,

with the solemn efforts made
to keep the transmission receptors
completely freed up,
and clear of all
simple human made debris.


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