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Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother

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Claire Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was “Once Called” (February 2020).

Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother
By Claire Scott

You have got to be kidding. Sending a little girl out by herself to walk through a deep dark woods. To bring food to her sick Granny. A red cape to be sure she is spotted by a wolf. Why didn’t the mother take the wine and cake herself. Spend some time with sick Granny. Besides no one under twenty-one should be carrying a bottle of wine in a basket. Or a bag for that matter. Clearly a nefarious plot. To rid herself of both daughter and mother in one fell swoop. Or fell swallow as it may be. No doubt the mother had sent the child before with wine laced with strychnine. Bread baked with arsenic. Now poor Granny’s arms and legs are rigid. She can barely breathe. The mother waits at home for the good news. Suitcases packed. Pleased the wolf did her dirty work. The neighbors commiserate at her double loss. Click their teeth in sympathy. The mother sheds a few tears to look the part. Shoos people quickly to the door. Rid of all responsibilities, she takes off for Stuttgart. Where she will meet her lover. A man who promises ruby earrings and a diamond necklace. I want to tell him to be careful. There are many wolves in the forest.

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  1. Katy Rydell says:

    Love this!

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