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A Lesbian’s Reply

10.06.18 Posted in today's words by

Animesh Das lives and writes in Purulia, West Bengal, India.

A Lesbian’s Reply
By Animesh Das

Just because I love my own kind,
You have tagged me ‘immoral’.
One who doesn’t even have the right to live.
Yes I am immoral.
If it is wrong to love someone truly,
Then yes I am immoral.
But are you moral?
Ask your wife who shivers in fear,
At night, she knows you will return home,
Angry and drunk, release your stress on her.
Beat her for no reason at all.
Is she truly your wife?
But yes you are moral for sure.
Your God must have given you the right.
But do you know?
My love never beats me.
She laughs with me, cries with me, understands me,
Care for me like a better half.
You call us bloody lesbians,
But we are not less, we are more.

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